5th century tomb found in China

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The tomb dates back to 386-534.

A man named Lu Xu rests in the burial chamber, and on its walls are carved images of two tomb guards with naked torsos and tridents in their hands.

Chinese archaeologists in the north of the country have found a burial chamber decorated with stone high relief and painting from the Northern Wei Dynasty (386-534). On Monday, January 3, reports Xinhua.

The Shanxi Institute of Archaeological Research believes that the inscriptions preserved on a column in the burial chamber of the tomb located in the Datong city district indicate that the tomb was created in 456, in which a man named Lu Xu rests.

The burial chamber, 1.8 m long and 3.3 m wide, reaches a height of 1.9 m. Since the tomb was looted and water seeped into it, archaeologists have found only a small number of relics.

According to experts, on the southern wall of the burial chamber are carved images of two guards of the tomb with naked torsos and tridents in their hands.

It was previously reported that in Turkey found an ancient military certificate of bronze… The badge, almost two thousand years old, belonged to a soldier named Calcilius Antik.

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