5G: three out of 5 smartphones will cost less than 600 dlrs in 2022 – Tlc

In 2022, shipments of 5G smartphones will amount to 549.3 million units and, of these, three out of five (60%) will cost less than $ 600. Abi Research analysts predict this, according to which the development and introduction on the market of more diversified and cheaper phones will be the main driver for the adoption of 5G after 2021.

“Many leading companies will push deeper into this market segment, rapidly democratizing the 5G experience and establishing a broader ecosystem,” the researchers explain.

The lower prices will depend on the availability of cheaper components, starting with cheaper chips made by Qualcomm, MediaTek and Unisoc, experts say.

The sharp drop in 5G smartphone prices will impact the high end of the market, “leading to rapid saturation and collapsing potential revenue and margin increases.”



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