5G Competition Gets Tight, Here’s Telkomsel’s Comment


Competition mobile operator who held 5G more and more, after the presence Indosat Ooredoo, XL Axiata ready to follow. How do you respond Telkomsel as a 5G pioneer?

Telkomsel first released 5G service commercially 5G on 27 May 2021. Then Indosat will present it on 22 June 2021.

Meanwhile, XL Axiata has now submitted an Operation Feasibility Test (ULO) process to the Ministry of Communication and Information (Kominfo). If nothing goes wrong, XL can roll out commercial 5G this July.

Vice President of Corporate Communications Telkomsel, Denny Abidin, actually appreciates that one by one, other cellular operators are also present 5G commercial.

“There is competition in 5G, when there are cellular operators presenting the same service, this is very good for the industry,” said Denny, Monday (5/7/2021).

“Why? Because we don’t play alone. Automatically accelerating education to the public will be much easier, than if we play alone,” he explained.

In addition, the 5G deployment carried out by cellular operators in Indonesia, said Denny, is also to assist the government in forming a digital ecosystem in Indonesia.

Before officially selling 5G services to the public, cellular operators must follow the ULO process. This is stated in Ministerial Regulation Number 1 of 2010 concerning the Implementation of Telecommunication Networks.

After the ULO was carried out, in which the testing of the fifth generation cellular technology was successful and successful. next stage, Kominfo issuance of Certificate of Operation Worthiness (SKLO) as a requirement for commercial service operators 5G to the customer.

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