5790 positive tests last 24 hours, more than 1200 more than yesterday | Inland

Over 35,800 new cases have been identified in the past seven days, up from nearly 36,800 in the previous week and over 38,800 a week earlier. The decline in the number of cases is stagnating, RIVM has already concluded.

Regional figures

In Rotterdam, 319 residents were tested positive last 24 hours, compared to 198 the day before. The number of new cases in Amsterdam rose from 227 to 334. In Tilburg, the daily figure doubled, from 56 to 123. In Eindhoven, 105 infections were detected, compared to 60 the day before. The Hague (Thursday 116, Friday 96) and Utrecht (Thursday 102, Friday 86) noted a decrease in the number of reports.

Last 24 hours 51 residents of Urk were tested positive. That is almost as much as in Groningen and Zwolle combined. Only on November 18 did the former island have more new cases. Then 52 infections came to light. Since the start of the outbreak, nearly a thousand Urkers have been infected, of which nearly 700 have tested positive in the last three weeks.

Since the outbreak began, the corona virus has been diagnosed in more than 509,000 Dutch people. In a few days, Amsterdam will be the first municipality to pass the 40,000 infection mark.


The number of deaths rose by 84 on Friday, including 13 in Rotterdam. That does not mean that all those people died last 24 hours. On Thursday, the RIVM reported 75 deaths from the virus. Initially there were 76, but that was adjusted on Friday.

More than 9,200 Dutch people have now been determined to have died of the virus. Rotterdam has the most deaths (595).


Hospitals treat slightly fewer corona patients than on Thursday. Currently 1,769 people are in a hospital due to an infection, the lowest number since 19 October. There are 12 fewer patients than on Thursday, reports the National Coordination Center for Patient Distribution (LCPS).

The number of corona patients on nursing wards fell from 1257 to 1251. In intensive care, there are now 518 people with the corona virus, compared to 524 a day earlier.

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