52 damage reports after earthquakes in north-east Groningen | NOW

On Saturday, the Groningen Mining Damage Institute (IMG) received 52 damage reports following the earthquakes near Uithuizermeeden and Uithuizen. The villages north of Groningen were closed on Saturday afternoon scared respectively with tremors of magnitude 2.7 and 1.7.

Of the reports, 22 come from the so-called area of ​​effects, the area around the epicenters of earthquakes. On a normal day, IMG receives an average of seven damage reports from that area.

In two reports from the Uithuizen area, there may have been an extremely dangerous situation. Inspections were carried out at those addresses, but no preventative security measures were required, according to the IMG.

Thirty reports came from all over the world. IMG has received damage reports from places such as Groningen, Hoogezand and Zuidhorn.

Complainants can opt for a fixed compensation of 5,000 euros to compensate for the damage or for a so-called personalized procedure. In this case, an expert will visit to investigate the cause and extent of the damage. It is also possible to have the damage repaired instead of compensation.

Still a lot of damage: ‘Fear is good’

The security region of Groningen spoke of a “huge blowout” after the first and heavier of the two earthquakes on Saturday. “The fear is there again.” Several people have reported hearing the earthquake on social media, with houses shaking and plants moving.

The security region already reported on Saturday that the quake again caused damage to homes and people. The municipality of Het Hogeland, which includes Uithuizen, said the earthquake was noticed in several places.

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