50 % of the fighter planes of the Russian Black Sea fleet – out of purchase?

The explosions at Saki Air Base in Crimea earlier this month disabled extra than fifty percent of the Russian Black Sea Fleet’s naval aviation fighter jets. This was said by an formal Western representative quoted by “Reuters”.

The air foundation close to Novofedorovka, on the west coastline of the peninsula, which Russia annexed to Ukraine in 2014, has experienced multiple explosions on 9 August.

The formal, who spoke on condition of anonymity, explained Ukraine is now regularly acquiring “kinetic results” powering Russian traces, with a considerable effects on Russia’s logistical guidance and “a important psychological result on the Russian management”.

Lousy ammunition storage – bring about of the explosion at Saki airbase

The Russian aspect would not admit that the explosion was caused by Ukrainian bombing

In accordance to our estimates, the functions at Saki Airport on 9 August set extra than 50 percent of the fighter jets in the Black Sea Fleet out of assistance, the formal mentioned.

On August 12, British intelligence noted that part of the Russian air fleet experienced been ruined by the explosion and the fleet’s air capability was seriously compromised.

The formal reported the Russian Black Sea Fleet seeks to perform considerably far more capabilities than serving as a “coastal protection flotilla” conducting only occasional missile strikes and that its attempt to threaten an amphibious assault on Odessa has been thwarted.

In his words and phrases the war as a total is in a “second of almost operational stalemate”.

Neither country’s floor forces have a adequately concentrated floor beat energy to start successful offensive actions, which would somehow appreciably have an impact on the program of the war, he commented.

The British Army: After the explosions in Crimea, Russia will examine the threats

The British Army: Following the explosions in Crimea, Russia will analyze the threats

Right up until then, he regarded Crimea as a harmless rearguard

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