50 MPH Rain and Wind Gusts Expected – NBC New York (47)

NEW YORK — Looking for the best view to watch the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony? In time to come, perhaps for many it will be from the sofa at home.

That’s because Mother Nature won’t be very cooperative in terms of the weather, bringing heavy rains and gusty winds ahead of the start of the Christmas season with the lighting of the world’s most famous Christmas tree. Also, temperatures will cool off quickly.

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The rain starts in the late morning of Wednesday and will be heavy at times throughout the afternoon. The main rainy season for the city will be from 11am to 4pm.

This will also be the hottest and windiest time of the day, with temperatures possibly reaching the 60s, but winds gusts up to 50 mph.

Much of Long Island, Connecticut and along the New Jersey coast can expect the worst of the winds, but gusts will hit the city as well.

Once the rain stops for the night, probably around 7pm, right around the lighting of the Christmas tree, temperatures will drop rapidly, so the weather will look very different for spectators as the Christmas tree lighting approaches. ‘tree than those who wait will soon experience. With drier air and windy conditions, temperatures are likely to drop into the 30s.

After the brief warm-up during the day on Wednesday, December arrives with much cooler temperatures on Thursday. The winds will also remain strong. Friday feels cold too, then temperatures rise again on Saturday as our next shower cycle progresses. Even that warm-up will be short-lived and the 40s will return on Sunday.

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