5-year-old Brazilian who maps asteroids in a NASA project

From an early age, Miro Latansio Tsai preferred museums to playgrounds. Upon arriving at the Museu Catavento, he began citing the names of all the planets in the Solar System.according to his mother, lawyer Carla Latansio, 40 years old.

“Despite being a 2-year-old baby, he went wild! His favorite outing was always going to the museum. He didn’t want to go to the playground, he always wanted to go to the museum (laughs). Miro didn’t have an astronomy book at that time and got there showing all the planets by name. I think he saw it on TV, because he watches a lot of documentaries”, tells the mother to G1, Globo’s portal.

But this was not the first feat for Miro, who at age 5 is fluent in English and is learning Mandarin from his father, 45-year-old Chinese administrator Jack Tsai.

Carla also says that Miro started reading during the pandemic, at age 3. At one and a half years, he spoke complete sentences, such as “I want to leave,” and took his first steps at 9 months, according to his mother.

“It is not only developed in the speech part, but in the entire cognitive part. He has a very advanced mind for his age. Miro was always very interested in science and technology, he was always curious and wanted to understand how things happened”.

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