5 Weirdest Lakes on Earth, Some Can Explode

Lake become one of the favorite tourist destinations of many people. This is because most lakes have beautiful views. In addition, several lakes are located not far from the city so that it is easy to reach.

Normally a lake contains clear fresh water and is a habitat for many fish. However, not all lakes in the world have a normal view, you know. Some of them even have odd colors. There is also a lake with a boiling surface.

Reported Tree Hugger, here it is 5 strangest lakes in the world.

1. Lake Hillier-Pink in Australia

image of Lake Hillier-Pink in Australia (goldfieldsairservices.com)

Australia is home to many interesting things. Not only its unique fauna, Australia also has many unique places that can only be found on the continent. One of them is a pink lake called Hillier-Pink Lake or Lake Hillier-Pink. Located in Western Australia, Lake Hillier-Pink is truly pink in color.

For years, researchers have been trying to unravel the mystery of this unusual lake’s color. At first they thought that the pink color came from algae. However, this assumption turned out to be wrong. Not algae, the researchers actually found that the water in the lake has a very high salt content.

2. Crescent Lake in Canada

5 Weirdest Lakes on Earth, Some Can Explodeimage of the Khiluk Lake in Canada (instagram.com/geokoala_)

Moving on from Australia, now we stop at Khiluk Lake in Canada. Khiluk Lake or also known as Spotted Lake, is a lake alkali endorheic salty. During winter and spring, this lake has a normal appearance like a lake in general.

However, when summer comes, some of the water evaporates to make the remaining minerals form small green, blue, and yellow pools of various sizes. These small and large pools from afar look like specks. That’s why local people call it Spotted Lake or Khiluk Lake.

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3. Lake Nyos in Cameroon

5 Weirdest Lakes on Earth, Some Can Explodeimage of Lake Nyos in Cameroon (globalchange.umich.edu)

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Compared to the previous two lakes, Lake Nyos is definitely the most dangerous lake. The reason is, this lake can explode and emit carbon dioxide which is very deadly for living things around it. Lake Nyos in Cameroon is located in a part of a volcano that is no longer active, above the magma pocket of the mountain.

Although the volcano is now inactive, past volcanic eruptions polluted the water with carbon dioxide and the water turned it into carbonic acid which could explode at any time. One of the lake’s most severe explosions occurred on August 21, 1986.

Just then the lake suddenly exploded. Its carbon dioxide-laden smoke spread for 15 miles and killed 1,746 people and 3,500 animals living not far from this toxic lake.

4. Dead Sea in Jordan and Palestine

5 Weirdest Lakes on Earth, Some Can Explodeimages of the Dead Sea in Jordan and Palestine (unsplash.com/Konstantin Tretyak)

Although it is called the Dead Sea or Dead Sea, these waters are not an ocean, but a large lake. Then why is it called the Dead Sea? This is because the water in this lake is 9.6 times saltier than ocean water. So salty, not a single animal and plant can survive here. The absence of life is what ultimately makes this lake called the Dead Sea.

The good news is that the mineral content in the water and sand is very good for skin health. Plus, the high salt content in this lake makes our bodies float easily. However, just because you didn’t drown doesn’t mean the lake is completely safe. You still need to be careful while floating here.

When floating, make sure that your front body and face are not facing the water, because if you are upside down like that, it will be difficult for you to return to your original position. Plus you’ll be swallowing too much saltwater. It is very dangerous for the lungs.

5. Laguna Colorada in Bolivia

5 Weirdest Lakes on Earth, Some Can ExplodeLaguna Colorada in Bolivia images (artfulliving.com)

Laguna Colorada is a saltwater lake located in Bolivia. At first glance there is nothing strange about this lake. However, if you pay attention, you will notice if something is wrong. Laguna Colorada is famous for its unusual water color. Instead of blue, the water in this lake is red like blood.

The color of the lake water is caused by algae growing on the surface. Not only red, sometimes the lake water can also turn green because other types of algae grow more. The abundance of algae makes Laguna Colorada a favorite place for the flamingo James. Every day, dozens of flamingos come to this lake to eat algae, which is their favorite food.

Earth indeed save a lot of interesting places that do not exist on other planets, including the 5 strangest lakes above. Starting from lake water that can change color, to lakes that can explode. Which one do you think is the weirdest?

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