5 Ways to See the Type of Android and iPhone Cellphones

How to see the type of HP can be in several ways. If the phone is the latest release or series, there is usually a box to find out the type of cellphone information. then box cell phone can help cell phone users find out information such as cellphone type, specifications, and IMEI.

Then what about the cell phone without the box? Currently, there are many types of Android phones on the market, with various types and different variants. There are several easy ways to find out the type of cellphone through the application or the settings menu. Here’s how to see the type of Android and iOS cellphones.

How to see HP type

1. Phone Settings

The settings menu is the easiest way to see the type of HP. Every Android phone and iPhone has a variant type and IMEI in the settings menu. Here’s how to see the HP type in settings:

  • Open the Settings or Settings menu (Setting)
  • How to menu About Phone or About Phone
  • Later the Device Name or phone type will appear
  • Not only the type of phone, users can find out the Android version, RAM, battery capacity, and IMEI

2. Check IMEI Number

The next way to see the type of cellphone is to use the IMEI number. The IMEI number of each cell phone is not the same, even though the type of cellphone is the same. The IMEI number is usually found in the phone’s settings or box box. In addition, IMEI can be checked via phone number, here’s how:

  • Open phone menu
  • Type the combination of symbols and numbers *#06#
  • Select the phone button
  • Wait a while until the IMEI number appears
  • Translation (copy) IMEI number
  • Then open the mobile browser
  • Open the website www.imei.info
  • Paste (Paste) phone IMEI address
  • Click the check mark for captcha then select Check
  • Later there will be information about the type of HP that appears

3. CPU-Z app

The CPU Z app can be downloaded on Android phones. This application provides detailed information regarding the type and system of mobile phones. You can find out the hardware and sensor information contained in the phone. The CPU-Z app can be downloaded via the Play Store for Android phones.

4. Dev Check App

Android phones can download the Dev Check application to find out the type of phone. Apart from the HP type, this application provides information about the device model, CPU, GPU, memory, battery, camera, and operating system. DevCheck displays all information about the phone in real real time. The application also provides details for specifications bluetoothGPU, RAM, Wifi and mobile network.

5. Lirum Device

The next way to see the type of cellphone is using the IOS operating system, you can download the Lirum Device application. This application provides features to find out the type of HP iPhone, memory, CPU, GPU, and other information. The Lirum Device app monitors performance and watches CPU usage on iOS. This application can be used to monitor the system on iPhone, iPad, and iPod.

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