5 Ways to Prevent Dengue Fever or DHF

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In the midst of efforts to handle Covid-19 variants Omicroncases of dengue hemorrhagic fever (DBD) jumped dramatically in East Java (Jatim) in January. Here’s how to prevent dengue.

The East Java Health Office (Dinkes) noted that up to January 24, 977 residents were affected by DHF, with 17 patients of whom died.

Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever (DHF) is a disease caused by the dengue virus through transmission from the bite of the Aedes aegypti mosquito. Dengue fever is also a dangerous disease that can lead to death.

DHF generally begins with symptoms of sudden onset of fever accompanied by pain, aches, headaches, and nausea.

If the fever persists for two or three days, the patient is advised to seek medical attention immediately. Early examination must be carried out immediately so that it can be treated quickly.

In addition to maintaining proper environmental hygiene, several ways to prevent dengue can be done. Here’s how to prevent dengue, summarized from various sources.

1. Wear closed clothes

As reported Medical News Today, reduce the amount of skin exposed to Aedes aegypti mosquito bites, wear closed clothing such as long pants, long-sleeved shirts, and socks.

You can also wear a hat when traveling to risky areas.

2. Mosquito repellent

Use mosquito repellent with a concentration of 10 percent diethyltoluamide (DEET). DEET is known as the most effective insect repellent.

3. Avoid smells

Soaps and perfumes with strong scents are generally very attractive to mosquitoes.

4. Set the time

To avoid passing mosquitoes, try not to be outside the house in the afternoon until or before sunset and in the morning or after sunrise.

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5. Avoid puddles

The Aedes aegypti mosquito thrives in standing water. Another way to prevent dengue can be by checking and avoiding standing water can help reduce the risk.

Storing the bucket upside down, reducing excess water content in plant pots, and being diligent in changing the water in flower vases can be some ways to prevent dengue fever.

In addition to the ways to prevent DHF above, the following activities for the Eradication of Mosquito Nests (PSN) using the 3M Plus method are believed to be effective and efficient as an effort to prevent dengue fever:

1. Drain, is cleaning places that are often used as water reservoirs such as bathtubs, water buckets, drinking water reservoirs, refrigerator water reservoirs and others.

2. Close, which is to tightly close water reservoirs such as drums, jugs, water towers, and so on.

3. Reuse or recycle used goods that have the potential to become a breeding ground for dengue-transmitting mosquitoes.

What is meant by Plus is all forms of prevention activities, including:

1. Sprinkle larvicide powder on water reservoirs that are difficult to clean
2. Using mosquito repellent or mosquito repellent
3. Use a mosquito net while sleeping
4. Keeping fish that prey on mosquito larvae
5. Plant mosquito repellent plants
6. Regulate light and ventilation in the house
7. Avoid the habit of hanging clothes in the house which can be a resting place for mosquitoes, and others.

Experts say, make sure that the room is in a safe condition during the day. This is because these mosquitoes are active during the day.

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You can spray or use mosquito nets or use mosquito repellent as a way to prevent dengue.


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