5 Villages in Gending Probolinggo Hit by Flood

SURABAYA RAYA ZONE – Floods hit 5 villages in Gending District Probolinggo RegencyThursday 26 May 2022.

5 villages hit flood those are, Gending Village, Jatiadi Village, Coastal Village and Klaseman Village and Brumbungan Lor.

Supriadi, a resident of Gending Village, said that if flood it happened at around 6.15 pm in the morning.

“The peak is in the morning,” he said at the location.

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Meanwhile, the Head of the Coastal Village of Gending District Probolinggo RegencySanimo said, if the source flood from Gending Village.

“If Gending Village has flood Mas, it must be the Coastal Village too flood“he said by telephone at the Greater Surabaya Zone (Pikiran Rakyat Media Network).

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According to him, the temporary data shows that hundreds of houses in the Coastal Village are submerged flood.

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