5 Very Top Combo Hylos Mobile Legends

If you are a player Mobile Legends those who are long enough must know about one of these Tank heroes. Even though it has been around for a long time, but Hylos quite popular until recently. Hylos has high regen, stun and damage which is quite painful during the early game or late game.

Actually, you can combo Hylos with any hero, but of the many combo hero Hylos. There are some Hylos ML combos that are very OP and surely the enemy will be very annoyed. Are you curious about combos with what heroes? Stay tuned!


Combo Hylos Mobile Legends


Hylos angela
Angela | Gamedaim

The Hylos combo with Angela is becoming a very popular combo. Even during the early game, the enemy will be annoyed if you face these 2 heroes. Hylos and Angela’s skills will make it difficult for enemies to farm and even die in the early game.


Nana Mobile LegendsNana Mobile Legends
Nana | Gamedaim

This second combo is also quite annoying, as we know that Nana herself is the counter for various heroes. Of course the Hylos and Nana combos are really annoying thanks to their CC skills. So this combo is also very suitable for you to use when ranking.


Estes | Gamedaim

This third combo is also very good for you to use, Estes has slow CC skills and can give HP regen to friends. Automatically it will allow Hylos to play bars during the early game.


Chou King Of FighterChou King Of Fighter
Chou | Gamedaim

Chou’s skill is really annoying, especially when combined with Hylos. Surely the enemy can’t do anything and chooses to take refuge in the turret. So this combo will be very OP and you have to use it when you push rank.


Eudora | Gamedaim

The combo with Eudora is also very suitable, thanks to the CC and damage from Eudora it can kill opponents easily. Because the opponent will be faced with 2 heroes who have quite annoying CC.

So that’s the Hylos Mobile Legends combo that you can try with your friends. We will share other interesting tips and tricks.

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