5 Tips to Promote Mental Health: Stay away from Corona news … and support

6:37 PM

Saturday 10 October 2020

Books – Ahmad Jumaa:

Today, Saturday, the Egyptian Ministry of Health and Population published 5 important tips to promote mental health, coinciding with World Mental Health Day, which falls on October 10 of each year.

These tips included: “Avoid identifying anyone by attributing them to” Covid 19 “and do not stigmatize and support them in order to recover quickly.”

– Stay away from watching or reading hearing news about the Corona virus that causes you anxiety and stress, and get your information from reliable sources.

Be supportive and supportive of others, as helping others in their time of need improves their psyche and benefits each person.

Be sure to exercise regularly because it improves your psychological state and strengthens your immunity.

Contact psychiatrists at the Ministry of Health and Population through the numbers: 08008880700 and 0220816831.



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