5 Tips to Overcome Feeling About the Coronavirus Crisis … Infograph

The Ministry of Health shed light on a number of important instructions to get rid of anxiety about the spread of the Corona virus, which struck many countries of the world in its second wave in large numbers, and in light of the attempts of countries to search for a vaccine and medicine for that epidemic.

The Ministry of Health published, through its Twitter account, an “infographic” that contains a number of instructions to overcome the feeling of anxiety about the Corona crisis, which are as follows: “Follow all means of protection against the emerging corona virus, especially such as washing hands constantly and adhering to social distancing, and not interacting with rumors. And searching for Corona news from reliable sources only once or twice a day, supporting children, taking care of them and practicing fun activities with them, taking care of personal hygiene and cleaning surfaces without exaggerating contact with psychiatrists.

Guidelines for the Egyptian Ministry of Health to overcome the concern about the Corona crisis

On the other hand, the Ministry of Health denied in the government’s rumors monitoring report what is being circulated of an audio message attributed to an official warning against taking the seasonal influenza vaccine, stressing that the circulating voice message warning against taking the seasonal influenza vaccine is untrue, and that the message is fabricated, explaining that the vaccine Seasonal influenza is healthy, safe, and conforms to all international standards, and is updated annually, calling on citizens to obtain information from the official sources affiliated with the ministry, either through its website or through its official accounts on social media.


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