“5 Tips to Deal with Hot Cellphone and Battery Drain Issues”

1. Turn off the cellphone when not in use

One way to deal with a hot cellphone and the battery runs out quickly is to turn off the cellphone when not in use. This is used to cool down the system and components on the smartphone, especially the ‘brain’ part of the cellphone, namely the processor and RAM. If the components and systems are cold, the cellphone’s performance will be very good when used again.

2. Update OS

Updates to the OS or Operating System are very necessary when using a smartphone, because updating the OS will make your system feel newer. There are many deficiencies of the system that will be updated when updating which makes the cellphone smoother when used and can overcome the cellphone heat and the battery runs out quickly. You can update the OS in Settings, then click the About section and click Software Update.

3. Backing up data

Backing up data is a support so that your cellphone lasts a long time, this can be done regularly. If done this way it will really help the user when the cellphone is damaged, so that the existing data will be stored, not lost and can be restored. This method can be done on other devices such as flash drives, hard drives, and PCs.

4. Clear storage data

If you are an Android cellphone user, then this method is very important to do to deal with a hot cellphone and the battery runs out quickly. Namely freeing up internal storage, so it’s not full which can later damage components. When Android’s internal storage is full, it will affect speed which will then affect the performance of the cellphone brain.

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5. Install applications as needed

The way to deal with a hot cellphone and the battery runs out quickly can also be done by not installing too many applications. You simply install the application according to your needs. It is highly not recommended to install applications with too large a capacity on cellphones that have not too much storage data. The reason is, this will affect the speed level on the cellphone.

(Reporter: Billy Aditya Kurniawan)

2023-05-30 13:40:00
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