5 tips to boost children’s mental health

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The world celebrates World Mental Health Day today, Saturday, which is neither entertainment nor less valuable than physical health care.

It is equally important for children, as parents play a major role in promoting the mental health of their children.

Caringforkids sheds light on a set of tips for parents to boost their children’s mental health.

Strengthening the child’s family relationships

Establishing a strong family relationship with children is important for their psychological state, so spending enough time with your child and participating in social activities is necessary that contributes to positively developing his personality.

Developing the child’s sense of self-respect

Feeling of self-respect and satisfaction is an important factor in the formation of the child’s personality properly, by showing love and acceptance for him something, as well as by praising him when he does a good job, and talking with the child about his interests and hobbies reinforces his feeling of satisfaction about himself.

Respect their feelings

One of the best ways to communicate with a child is to give them the space to express their feelings about things and situations without reducing them or showing a feeling of boredom. Respecting the child’s feelings makes him more confident in himself and thus makes his mental health more balanced.

Create a safe home environment

Discussing family problems such as financial matters, marital problems or diseases in front of your child is absolutely unhealthy, as it makes the child feel insecure, so it is necessary to talk in the child’s presence about positive things or normal life matters that gain him more experience about the world around him and thus more Of trust and safety.

Offering assistance

When your child faces a problem, such as facing difficulty in studying or in dealing with colleagues or teachers, giving more attention to the matter is a healthy thing for his psychological state, by talking about the problem and trying to suggest solutions to overcome the situation.

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