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5 things we love about Emma Watson on her birthday

  • Emma Watson celebrates her birthday today.
  • Emma Watson turned 34 years old.
  • Here are five reasons why we love Emma Watson.

Emma Watson turned 34! The actress was born in Paris in 1990 and lived here until she was five years old. When his parents divorced, he moved to Oxford with his mother and younger brother, Alex, and began attending boarding school. She began studying acting, dancing and singing at the age of seven, and started performing in school plays. In 1999, she went to the casting of Harry Potter, but even she herself was surprised that she was chosen for the role of Hermione Granger out of thousands of applicants.

Millions of children grew up with her and half the world is a fan of her, but why do we adore Emma Watson, who charms the entire magical world in Harry Potterin outside? Here are five reasons why we think it’s impossible not to love everyone’s Hermione Granger:

5 reasons why we love Emma Watson:

1. Emma Watson is always stylish

Let’s start with the most obvious reason: Emma Watson has impeccable fashion sense. The English actress has always been on the list of most stylish celebrities ever since she defeated Voldemort and the Death Eaters at Hogwarts. We are not surprised that he has been photographed on countless front pages, and has also been the face of Chanel, Burberry and Lancôme. She doesn’t shy away from daring hairstyles, but at the same time she is aware that classic red lips are almost impossible to miss.

Emma Watson’s appearance is always impeccable

2. The always mysterious Emma Watson

The whole world lies at her feet and millions of people are curious about her secrets, but Emma Watson still protects her private life from the public. She handles the tabloids and social media with understated elegance. Of course, he shares what his fans should know about with his followers, but he keeps his family life out of the spotlight. He strives for an ordinary, peaceful life and keeps his dating partners a secret – even though everyone wants to compare him with Tom Felton, who plays Draco Malfoy!

3. Emma Watson is smart and intelligent

She’s built an acting career, but Emma Watson doesn’t want to be known just for her Hollywood roles. In 2006, he passed the high school graduation exam with honors in several subjects, and then studied English literature at Brown University in the United States. He completed his final year at Worcester College, Oxford, and graduated with honors from Brown University in 2014. The actress loves to study and devours books, just like her eminent character from Harry Potter, Hermione Granger. She sets an example for masses of little girls and women!

4. Emma Watson stands up for important causes

Emma Watson is a militant advocate who always stands up for the most important causes. A few years ago, she formed a feminist book club, and it is important to her that as many women as possible work in scientific fields, and environmental protection and the protection of human rights are also her heart’s business.

5. Emma Watson loves animals

Emma Watson must have a huge heart, as not only human rights, but also animal welfare is very important to her. He has already worked with an animal protection foundation, and he himself raises two cats, Bubble and Domino.

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