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NOVA.id – One of the factors that reduce intimacy with a partner is a decrease in sexual desire.

Decreased sexual desire affects the intimate relationship that is lived with a partner.

Disorders of sexual desire experienced by a person can be caused by several things.

Then, what are the things that can reduce sexual desire?

Check out the following explanation.

1. Lack of Sleep

Insufficient night’s rest will reduce the quality of a person’s body.

It is important to make sure to stick to a daily sleep cycle.

When a person does not get enough sleep, they have symptoms such as fatigue, anxiety, or stress.

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2. Trauma

What is rarely realized is the emergence of trauma in a person.

Negative experiences are also a fairly common factor in low sex drive.

Therefore, if you are with a trusted partner, the best solution is to maintain communication and maintain balance.

3. Medicine

Not many know if drug consumption affects the quality of having sex with a partner.

When undergoing medical therapy there are negative side effects caused.

Some of the most common are fatigue, nausea, and even fatigue which can cause decreased libido.

4. Stress

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Stress is often the main cause of a person’s decreased sexual desire.

High stress levels lead to increased cortisol production and decreased testosterone.

As a result, the desire to have sex can be reduced.

5. Eating Patterns

Diet plays a role in increasing sexual desire.

If you do not eat a balanced diet or eat low protein foods, your partner’s testosterone levels will drop.

In addition, when food is devoid of minerals and vitamins, we may start to experience fatigue.

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