5 Things about NII West Sumatra Allegedly Wanting to Overthrow the Government with Evidence of a machete


Police confiscated documents and sharp weapons such as machetes from terrorist groups Islamic State of Indonesia (NII). The police also said that NII wanted to overthrow the current government.

In this case, Detachment 88 Anti-terror Police arrested 16 people in West Sumatra (West Sumatra). Not only adults, NII also targets children.

Here are 5 things about NII West Sumatra:

1. Want to Overthrow the Government Before the 2024 Election

The Head of Operations Assistance for Densus 88 Kombes Aswin Siregar, on Monday (4/18/2022), said NII wanted to overthrow the current government before the 2024 election. He said NII West Sumatra had plans to replace the Pancasila ideology as NII Kartosuwiryo.

“The evidence found also shows a number of plans being prepared by the West Sumatra NII network, namely efforts to overthrow a sovereign government before the 2024 election year,” Aswin told reporters.

“A number of evidences found in the form of written documents show that the NII network in West Sumatra has the exact same vision and mission as NII Kartosuwiryo, namely replacing the Pancasila ideology and the current Indonesian government system with Islamic law, the caliphate system and Islamic law,” he said. he.

2. Save Sajam-Gather Blacksmith

Aswin also said that a machete was found from one of the NII terrorist suspects. There is also evidence that they were looking for blacksmiths to make weapons.

“Among these plans, there is also a potential threat in the form of a terror attack which is contained in the order to prepare sharp weapons and also look for blacksmiths,” he said.

“The findings of the evidence for the direction of the machete preparation are in sync with the findings of a long machete belonging to one of the suspects,” he continued.

3. Children’s Nets Become Members

Previously, Tuesday (12/4), the National Police said the NII group did not look at age and gender when recruiting members. There were 77 children under the age of 13 who were recruited and brainwashed by NII.

“The recruitment of NII members is carried out regardless of gender and age limit,” said Karo Penmas, Police Public Relations Division, Brigadier General Ahmad Ramadhan.

Children, continued Ramadhan, were recruited by means of allegiance or were asked to take an oath of allegiance. “It was proven by the discovery of 77 children under the age of 13 who were brainwashed and took an oath to NII,” he continued.

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