5 symptoms tell you have stomach cancer.. Pay close attention

3:18 pm

Tuesday 29 November 2022

I wrote – Alaa Nabil
Many people show some signs in the stomach area, as most people ignore those symptoms that could portend stomach cancer, so let’s get to know these symptoms.


Indigestion has many causes, and people often associate it with eating unhealthy meals or eating large quantities, but it can be a sign of indigestion, according to Express.

Weight loss

There are many cases of unwarranted weight loss, as it could indicate stomach cancer, so you need to check with a specialist doctor.

stomach ache

Many people may suffer from various stomach pains, especially in the navel area, so you need to go to the doctor and get a diagnosis of your condition, which could be a sign of stomach cancer.


There are some cases who suffer from constant nausea which can lead to vomiting most of the time, and this often occurs through passing out small pieces of the food you have eaten, as this indicates that you have stomach cancer.

stomach bloating

Many cases experience stomach bloating, often due to consuming fatty meals in large quantities, but there are some people whose cancer causes fluid to build up within the abdominal cavity, and thus impairs the ability to store food.

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