5 Symptoms Still Persist in COVID-19 Patients After Recovering

VIVA – The number of positive confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Indonesia is still quite high. Even so, the cure rate is also high.

Some patients who have been declared cured are also known to experience a number of symptoms that persist in the body. Some of the reported symptoms include: fibrosis paru, to a constant feeling of fatigue.

In addition, several clinical studies have shown that there are certain symptoms of COVID-19, which can take a long time to disappear. Anything? The following is a summary as quoted from the page Times of India.

1. Shortness of breath and difficulty breathing

For patients who do experience respiratory complications related to COVID-19, having difficulty breathing is a common complaint. However, in many cases, it can also be a symptom that persists after being declared cured. These symptoms also often make the body dependent on external support machines.

Complaints may be common among patients who have a high rate of lung involvement due to the Delta variant, regardless of age. Researchers are now also observing that having breathing problems can lead to patients suffering from chronic problems much later in life, including shortness of breath and damage to the air sacs in the lungs.

Extensive breathing exercises and oxygen support may be required to resume normal respiratory function.

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