5 surprising symptoms of lung cancer

2:00 AM

Sunday 22 November 2020

The British Express newspaper reported that British doctors discovered some surprising symptoms that may indicate the development of lung cancer.

The specialists at the British “Roy Castle” Center, which specializes in fighting lung cancer, pointed out to weight loss and frequent infections in the chest rhythm, as well as classic symptoms such as persistent coughing, difficulty breathing and constant fatigue, according to “Russia Today”.

There are unnoticed symptoms such as an increase in the size of the fingertips and their shape and curvature that can also indicate lung cancer.

According to doctors, the reason for the appearance of these symptoms lies in the low amount of oxygen in the blood, which is often indicative of a lung or heart disease.

Doctors advised to consult a doctor in the event of a face edema that did not appear previously, as this may be related to the spread of lung cancer to the nearby lymph nodes or blockage of the superior vena cava caused by the pressure of the tumor.

Moreover, doctors recommend a medical examination if pain appears in the back and shoulders. This is a surprising symptom for patients, as they usually consider lung cancer to cause severe chest pain only.


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