5 Strongest Hero Fighter In Mobile Legends 2021, Season 19

Here are the 5 strongest fighter heroes in Mobile Legends the year 2021 during season 19 MLBB, there anything?

Season 19 Mobile Legends Soon it will end soon where here SPIN Esports will list the 5 strongest fighter heroes for season 19 MLBB this time.

Here are 5 lists of fighter heroes Mobile Legends strongest in 2021 season 19 MLBB!

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First is Paquito, fast clear minion, early strong, strong late, high mobility and so on.

If he is released or not banned, then immediately use this one hero because the potential is very large.

Yu Zhong

source : uhdpaper.com

The second is Yu Zhong, although his passivity is not as fast as it used to be, Yu Zhong is still a priority for players this season.

This hero is very suitable to be used, strong on the lane and can directly attack the enemy behind, where the core hero and opponent support are usually located.


Draft Pick Hero MLBB
source : uhdpaper.com

The third hero, surely you are not surprised anymore, this anti meta hero really can be relied upon by the players.

High mobility, fast clear minions, high damage all possessed by a Chou.


Hero OP MPL Season 7
source : uhdpaper.com

Lapu-lapu is also included in the list, even though it was nerfed by the damage some time ago, but this hero is still very worthy of our mention.

This hero is really very nice to play with very high mobility, high damage, but the weakness of this hero is that when you join the war it will be difficult to get out.

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Lastly is Roger, usually played as a jungler by players, Roger is very reliable.

Agile, high damage, immune skills, not boring gameplay is all in Roger.

Those are the 5 strongest fighter heroes in season 19, the SPIN Esports version, what do you think?

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