5 shocking revelations from the Tiger Woods documentary on HBO

Tiger Woods is considered by many to be the best golfer in history Tiger Woods considered by many to be the best golfer in history | Mike Ehrmann /.

HBO released a documentary that generated a lot of commentary among sports fans. This is “Tiger”, an in-depth investigation of golf star Tiger Woods, who seeks to delve into the athlete’s not only professional but also private life.

The first part of the documentary is released on Sunday January 10, 2021, while the second part is scheduled for January 17. Here are the most shocking revelations to date:

Rachel Uchitel, Woods’ ex-lover, spoke for the first time since the scandal. The interview lasted more than seven hours and the woman fully opened up to tell her truth. Among the details of his romance with Woods, he mentioned the phone call he had with Woods’ wife Elin Nordegren.

The documentary also shows critical moments for Woods, such as footage of police being arrested in 2017 in Jupiter, Florida, for driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs.

The directors of the unauthorized Woods documentary, Matthew Hamachek and Matthew Heineman, took two years to fully investigate the life of the sports celebrity and, as they told Business Insider, it was about time that it took them to gain the trust of the circle. intimate of Woods.

Tiger Woods agent Mark Steinberg released a statement after the documentary premiered, clearly explaining his criticisms. “Much like the book it is based on, the HBO documentary is yet another unauthorized and obscene outside attempt to paint an incomplete portrayal of one of the greatest athletes of all time,” Steinberg said.

Another voice from Woods’ inner circle who speaks in the documentary is Steve Williams who was the caddy who was in the American glory years and was fired in 2011 after he started working for Adam Scott while Woods was injured.

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