5 Rivers with the Most and Most Dangerous Crocodiles in the World

CROCODILE known as a reptile that can live in any water, including in River . Crocodile also known as a dangerous ferocious predator.

So you need to be careful if you cross the river, especially if it is known that there is a crocodile habitat there. In a number of rivers in various parts of the world, some are known to be dangerous because they are inhabited by crocodiles.

Well, here are the 5 most dangerous rivers filled with crocodiles from around the world, quoted by SINDOnews from the onhisowntrip page:

1. Sungai Vishwamitri, India

The Vishwamitri River passes through the interior of Vadodara City, Gujarat State near Khambhat Bay, western India. The Vishwamitri River is estimated to be inhabited by more than 300 crocodiles. (Read also; 8 Interesting Facts About Crocodiles, All Out of Mind )

This is a problem because crocodiles often appear suddenly in various places, even though the Vishwamitri river is a source of water for the residents of Vadodara City, which number about 1.3 million people. In the vicinity are the Narmada and Karjan rivers which are also home to a number of crocodiles.

2 .River Nile, Africa

5 Rivers with the Most and Most Dangerous Crocodiles in the World

The species of crocodile in the longest river in the world has been famous for its ferocity until now. Not infrequently the Nile Crocodile is also found in eSwatini and South Africa. (Read also; 10 Longest Living Animals on Earth, Tortoises and Crocodiles Don’t Enter )

Crocodiles in the Nile are described as ferocious man-eaters and never picky about their prey. Every year it is reported that at least 200 people die from Nile crocodiles.

3. Olifants River, South Africa and Mozambique

5 Rivers with the Most and Most Dangerous Crocodiles in the World

This river was famous after it was reported that the level of crocodile attack was quite high. However, recently many crocodile carcasses have been found in this river. (Read also; Crocodile on the Amazon River, Black Caiman, Strongest Predator Above Anaconda and Piranha )

The cause is believed to be due to river pollution so that it spreads disease. The Kruger National Park Authority has called for monitoring and restrictions on river pollution.



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