5 rebellion of the man: ‘I did military service twice, I was imprisoned in the name of others’

53-year-old Ersin Akbas, who lives in Antalya, began with the birth of a chain of errors. When he was born, the name of Ergun was written as a girl and the registration of the man was soon corrected. However, mistakes continued in school life. Akbas, who received his primary school diploma under the name of Ersun, objected, but his name was written as Ergin in the second diploma.

53-year-old Ersin Akbas in Antalya, five different names during his life in school, military and business life has experienced misfortune on top of misfortune. Photo: UAV


Ersin Akbas, allegedly served twice in the military. Akbaş, who served 18 months of military service with his own name between 1986-1987, was summoned to military service for the second time after the mobilization of the Gulf crisis in 1990. Akbas, Ersun made his second military service.

Could not find a job, PREVIOUS

The unfortunate man was sued in 2008 and regained his real name. Ersin Akbas, the new identity, but the pursuit of luck did not leave. Akbaş said, Allah I don’t let anyone give my grievance to anyone. Inda In 2011, he even went to jail for someone else. Ersin Akbas’ problems due to the name, social security premium payments and continued in the process of finding a job.

Ersin Akbas, new identity, but did not leave unlucky pursuit, in 2011, even in prison instead of someone else. Photo: UAV

’53 YEARS I’ve been having trouble ’

Ersin Akbas said that his life was ruined because of his life, even because of this situation, he said he had problems with his daughter studying at university. Akbaş, “Karadeniz Technical University, a child’s father has not been calling his father for 4 months, there is a problem. I can’t send my daughter a phone call and wants 100 pounds. I’m sorry. The child’s psychology has collapsed. He says; ‘Dad, don’t go on television. Who am I going to ask, what I say to whom. This is unfortunate. The knife is now against the bone. 53 years in my life I’ve been going through trouble. ”

‘I could not get my own Ç

Akbaş said that people were calling him with different names while walking in the street and he felt helpless in such a situation. Baş There are 5 names. Let me tell you which one. I didn’t even ask for one of those names. Every name is mine, but I couldn’t claim one. I couldn’t take care of myself kul.

Saying that the state should protect itself, Akbaş said, hesap Those who are guilty need to be accounted for. No matter what name they call on the street. Ersun say they come, Ersin say they come. I have to come, I have no choice. I have to accept it because I have to. I’m tired and tired now ”.

Bekir Alim, who is the attorney of Akbas, said for his client that the man was officially miserable. Photo: UAV


Bekir Alim, who is the attorney of Akbas, said that they applied to the Social Security Institution (SSK) for the examination of the issue. SSK and Population Directorate before the two different processes stating that Alim, “Population directorate made a mistake because of the name of my client’s life almost decided. She is registered as a girl named Ergün at her birth. In the later process, many names are wrong. Kul

Attorney Alim stated that his name was written incorrectly in both identity renewal and driving license, in marriage, in school life and said: “Therefore, my client could not establish an order in his life. He had business difficulties. We will apply and wait for the result. According to the result, we will start the legal process and try to eliminate the grievance of my client. ”

Alim said, için The man is officially miserable en for his client.

Tı She told me about the troubles she suffered during her life, and she’s obviously getting dark. Ersin Bey, all applications without results, left empty-handed. If there is no result from our last application, we will have no choice but to sue ” (IHA)

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