5 Reasons You Are Bitten by Mosquitoes, Could Be Body Odor

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Relaxing outdoors at night is relaxing. Especially while looking at the flowers and trees planted in the yard.

However, that sense of comfort is immediately disturbed when you are often bitten mosquito.

It feels annoying, especially if the mosquitoes seem to just fly and bite you.



So, what makes mosquitoes bite you? Does the term mosquito bite because sweet blood really exist, or is it just certain blood types that mosquitoes like?

There are more than 3,500 types of mosquitoes, but only a few bite humans. Only female mosquitoes bite humans. This is because they do need blood as a source of protein for their eggs.

In some countries, including Indonesia, mosquito bites are more than just a nuisance. From the malaria parasite transmitted by the Anopheles species to the viruses that cause yellow fever and dengue fever. Mosquitoes are responsible for transmitting many dangerous diseases to humans.

Launch Medical News Today, there are some people who are the target of mosquitoes. Jagdish Khubchandani, professor of public health at New Mexico State University, said there are several reasons why mosquitoes are attracted to certain humans.

“Overall, research shows that pregnant women, people with high body temperature and sweating, the presence of diverse skin microbes, and those with darker skin may be more susceptible. [digigit nyamuk],” Khubchandani said.

Here are some reasons why a person is bitten by a mosquito.

1. Clothing color

Illustration. Wearing black clothes makes humans more easily recognized by mosquitoes. (iStockphoto/deniskomarov)-

Research shows that colors like green, black, and red make humans more easily recognizable by mosquitoes. This is because mosquitoes do use their eyes to target victims.

Collect Very Well Healthit is important to choose soft colors like pastels, beige, even white when you are strolling in the garden.

2. Blood type

Research has found that different species have preferences for different blood types. For example, mosquitoes Aedes albopictus likes blood type O, whereas Anopheles gambiae like blood type AB.4

In addition, about 80 percent of people produce secretions that indicate their blood type. Mosquitoes are attracted to these people more than others, regardless of their blood type.

3. Gas

The more you exhale, the more attractive it is to mosquitoes. Bigger or fat people exhale more, so they are more likely to attract mosquitoes.

Because it emits carbon dioxide through your nose and mouth, mosquitoes are particularly attracted to your head.

4. Hot and sweaty

Mosquitoes have noses for smelling scents. For example, they can sniff out lactic acid, ammonia, and other compounds secreted through sweat.

Strenuous exercise increases the buildup of lactic acid and heat in the body. In addition, genetic factors influence a person’s ‘smell profile’, which can affect how attractive you are to mosquitoes.

5. Pregnant women

An African study in 2000 found that mosquitoes attack twice as many pregnant people as non-pregnant people.

Researchers believe this may be the case for several reasons. One of them is because pregnant people’s stomachs are about one degree warmer.


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