5 Reasons Xiaomi 11T Series Becomes the Best Gift at the End of the Year


The Xiaomi 11T series is suitable for those who want to upgrade to a new phone at the end of the year. Photo: Sindonews/Danang Arradian

JAKARTA Xiaomi 11T and Xiaomi 11T Pro can be a beautiful end-of-year gift for those who want to gift themselves with a new cell phone to welcome the new year. There are several reasons.

There’s nothing wrong with gifting your family, loved ones, or even yourself with a new smartphone at the end of the year. Self reward or rewarding yourself for the achievements that have been achieved is important to motivate work and increase enthusiasm.

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For example, entry-level mobile users can upgrade to mid-range. After all, smartphones are devices that are almost always used for networking, communicating, relaxing, and even helping with work.

In the class of mid-range phones, it’s hard not to recommend Xiaomi T11 Series . Namely, the Xiaomi 11T and the Xiaomi 11T Pro with a price range of Rp. 6 million-Rp. 7.5 million. Because, the features offered are equivalent to flagship phones.

Well, here are the reasons why the Xiaomi T11 Series is the best choice at the end of the year:

1. The Fastest Chipset
The Xiaomi 11T uses the MediaTek Dimensity 1200 Ultra. Temporary Xiaomi 11T Pro using Qualcomm Snapdragon 888. Both chipsets are both the best and fastest in their class.

The Dimensity 1200 Ultra is known as a fast, affordable, and power-efficient 5G chipset. While the Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 is the chipset used by flagship phones over Rp. 10 million. So, whether you choose the Xiaomi 11T or the Xiaomi 11T Pro, users both get the best chipset.

2. The camera is already 108 MP

Xiaomi 11T dan Xiaomi 11T Pro both carry an excellent 108MP camera. The macro photo quality on the Xiaomi 11T is sharp and detailed. While the color photos and videos on the Xiaomi 11T Pro look punchy and stand out. Users can take macro, wide, tele or portrait photos without the hassle of editing them to share on social media. They can also vlog with cinematic quality on the Xiaomi 11T Pro for YouTube needs. Forget a compact camera or DSLR.



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