5 Reasons Cristiano Ronaldo Should Be Played as an Attacker at Juventus: Okezone the Ball

SHARPNESS a Cristiano Ronaldo No need to be in doubt. Since it first appeared in public in 2003, the name CR7 has always been synonymous with goals. In total, the Portuguese passport player has scored 740 goals for the club and the national team (national team).

Interestingly, Cristiano Ronaldo is not known as a striker or a center forward. When he started his career, even today, the 35-year-old played as a wing. The statistics are also not bad, namely 363 goals in 384 games where he fell on the left wing.

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Even so, Cristiano Ronaldo was also quite sharp when he was deployed as a center forward. His total goals reached 137 in 147 occasions. That record is enough to make him the main center-forward. In addition, there are several other reasons, such as being loaded Sportskeeda, Tuesday (22/9/2020).

5. Aging age

After all, Cristiano Ronaldo can no longer fight fate. He is now 35 years old. No matter how hard he tries to keep his body in shape, his physique will decline over time. The running speed is not as fast as at ripe age.

By being positioned as a center forward, Cristiano Ronaldo can evolve as a player who relies more on positioning, aka taking the right position. He does not have to move static, but can stay more in the attacking area to complete opportunities.

4. Juventus has an abundant wing stock

Andrea Pirlo can freely formulate strategies and concoct formations at Juventus because of the depth of the squad. If you want to play using the width of the field, the Old Lady’s left and right flanks are more than capable. On the right, there are Juan Cuadrado and Federico Bernardeschi who can be used.

Meanwhile, on the left, they have Douglas Costa. Bernardeschi and new player Dejan Kulusevski can also be placed on either side of the wing. As a result, Andrea Pirlo no longer needs to place a Cristiano Ronaldo to comb the sidelines.

3. Do not have many options for attackers

Apart from Cristiano Ronaldo, there are no more players who can play as a striker in the current Juventus squad. The name Paulo Dybala can be put forward, but the Argentine is currently struggling with injuries. It is only natural that in the end Ronaldo leads the attack line more often.

Juventus certainly realizes that relying on Cristiano Ronaldo is a risk. According to the news, they are only one step away from repatriating Alvaro Morata from Atletico Madrid. The Spanish player could become a CR7 duet partner if Andrea Pirlo launched a 3-4-1-2 formation.

Paulo Dybala is not a pure striker (Photo: Juventus)

2. The sharpness of Cristiano Ronaldo

As mentioned earlier, Cristiano Ronaldo has extraordinary goal statistics. If only when defending Juventus, the number of goals touched the number 66 out of a total of 90 plays. Pretty awesome isn’t it?

That means Ronaldo has a goal ratio of 1.3 per game. A statistic which is actually quite a consideration for Andrea Pirlo. If it is lacking, the following facts need to be observed. Ronaldo is Juventus’ most fertile player in the last two seasons in the Italian League, scoring 21 and 31 goals, respectively!

1. Cristiano Ronaldo’s attributes are suitable for a striker

Cristiano Ronaldo has a height of 184 centimeters (cm). With that height, aerial duels weren’t a problem for him. In last season’s match against Sampdoria at the Marassi, Ronaldo scored with a header when the ball and ground reached 2.17 meters (m).

Cristiano Ronaldo welcomes the ball at a height of 2.17 meters (Photo: Juventus)

Apart from having high jumps, Cristiano Ronaldo’s shooting accuracy is also good. The quality of his shot is also not much different between the right foot as the strongest side, and the left foot. Not to mention, Ronaldo has the status as the main executioner of Juventus penalties.

Those various attributes were enough to set him up as a center-forward. If it is true that Alvaro Morata is present, then Andrea Pirlo can use him to support Ronaldo. Morata’s height is enough to be used as a target man who functions as a bouncing board to win the ball in the air.

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