5 People Removed Church Tags in Cianjur Earthquake Relief Tent Secured!


Removal of church attributes in victim’s refugee camp the Cianjur earthquake, West Java, which was allegedly committed by members of a mass organization followed by the police. There were five suspected perpetrators who were arrested by the Cianjur Police.

“From us, we have clarified and secured the people concerned, there are five people related to the incident,” West Java Regional Police public relations chief Kombes Ibrahim Tompo said in a written statement, as reported by Antara. detikjabarMonday (11/28/2022).

Ibrahim said that currently Cianjur Police is still investigating this incident. The checks are still ongoing.

“A thorough investigation is now underway, concluding the incident. Now the investigation is still ongoing,” he said.

The West Java Regional Police regretted this incident. Something like this shouldn’t have happened.

“The unscrupulous residents who carried out the removal of church attributes during the evacuation, we are truly sorry for the removal of attributes,” he said.

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Watch the video: The action of removing the label of the Church for the victims of the earthquake in Cianjur

[Gambas:Video 20detik]


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