5 Most Dangerous and Deadly Diseases in the World, Heart and Stroke Dominate, Early Prevention Starts Now

PRIANGANTIMURNEWS – Often not a few people underestimate disease inside the body.

Even though there are a lot of symptoms that are not recognized as a start disease that dangerous.

Maintaining a healthy body condition is not easy, sometimes disease came unexpectedly.

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It means every disease have different causes, it’s not a coincidence if disease it is in the body because of our bad habits.

Even disease the deadliest in world Often we don’t realize it is a problem.

As reported by Priangantimurnews from Heatline and PMJ News on Monday, November 22, 2021. The 5 most common diseases turn off from world.

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1. Ischemic Heart Disease or Coronary Artery
This disease has been named as disease most turn off from world. Coronary artery disease is usually known as coronary artery disease (CAD).



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