5 moments close to doomsday, the earth is nearly destroyed and civilization may be gone!


Destruction of the Earth or apocalypse no one knows, except God. But for sure, there are times when the Earth is nearly destroyed like these five events. It could be said that the Earth is a very lucky planet because it can survive many threats for a long time.

Compiled by Listversethe following are five the moment when the earth almost broke apart What do you need to know.

1. The comet almost destroyed the Earth (1883)

The events of August 12, 1883 make us feel lucky to live on Earth. The reason is that an astronomer at that time saw that there were more than 400 foreign objects headed for Earth that were fragments of a 1 billion ton comet, but they failed to hit the Earth in a thin distance.


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Scientist named Jose Bonilla estimates that its dimensions are between 50 meters and 4 km and is expected to be more powerful than an atomic bomb if it falls to Earth. However, the flakes thinly pass with a distance of 600-8,000 km from the Earth. Good luck.

2. B-52 (1961)

In January 1961, the B-52 was carrying two Mark 39 nuclear bombs and was damaged. As a result, there was an 8 megaton payload that crashed in Goldsboro, North Carolina. At the time of the incident, the US government denied that there was a danger of detonating the two bombs.

But information released in 2013 showed that the bombs represented almost a serious danger. Each bomb was about 250 times more destructive than the bomb dropped on Hiroshima. If the winds blow in the right direction, the lethal fallout could reach New York.

3. Asteroid 4581 (1989)

An asteroid named 4581 Asclepius arrived within 645,000 kilometers of Earth in March 1989. If the asteroid struck, the explosion of this asteroid collision could be equivalent to the explosion of a 600 megaton thermonuclear explosion.

By comparison, the largest nuclear device ever actually detonated was only 50 megatons. The mushroom cloud resulting from this explosion could reach seven times the height of Mount Everest if it actually occurred.

4. Mass eruption of the Crown (2012)

There was an abnormal mass explosion in the solar plasma in July 2012, so it grabbed the Earth’s orbit. If the mass of the explosion reaches Earth, it will cause severe damage to electronic devices. Losses can reach several trillions of dollars and it is estimated that it will take a decade to fully recover.

5. Tunguska Incident (1908)

The Tunguska event was a suspected collision of a small asteroid or comet that crashed near the Earth’s surface in 1908. It caused an explosion of air, flattening more than 2,000 square kilometers of dense forest in Russia.

The blast is estimated to have been about 1,000 times the power of the atomic bomb that exploded on Hiroshima and killed more than 160,000 people.


Watch the video “The Earth is Aging, Here’s How Scientists Delay Apocalypse”:

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