5 Indonesian YouTubers with the Highest Earnings, Who is the Richest?


Guess who YouTuber Indonesia with the highest income! It is undeniable that this profession can be a wet field.

Now the YouTuber profession and content creators have become a dream for young people because they not only provide creative freedom, but can also promise a good income. Unmitigated, YouTuber income can be equated with the professions with the highest salaries in the company.

Curious about anyone YouTuber Indonesia’s highest income Here they are based on the top order:

1. Raffi Ahmad

Quoting from the Social Blade social media analysis page, Raffi Ahmad’s Rans Entertainment has 20.6 million subscribers and a total audience of 4.1 billion. That’s a fantastic number, isn’t it?

Raffi Ahmad’s income from YouTube content is estimated at US$ 39,000-US$ 624,700 per month or approximately Rp 561.60 million-Rp 9 billion. Until now, Rans Entertainment has uploaded up to 2,177 videos.

2. Baim Wong

In second place, there is Baim Wong, who already has up to 18.8 million YouTube subscribers. The cumulative viewer of their channel is 3.24 billion.

It is estimated that Baim and Paula’s channel income is US$ 26,600-US$ 425,000 per month or approximately the same as Rp 383.04 million-Rp 6.12 billion. So far, Baim Wong has uploaded 1,403 videos in total.

3. Deddy Corbuzier

In third place, there is Deddy Corbuzier whose income is around US$ 22,300-US$ 356,300 or a total of Rp 321.12 million – Rp 5.13 billion. The number of subscribers to Deddy’s own YouTube channel is 14.4 million.

For the total audience, Deddy’s channel reaches up to 2.4 billion. So far, he has uploaded 852 videos.

4. Atta Halilintar

As one of the richest millennials, Atta Halilintar earns US$ 16,300-US$ 260,600 from YouTube content, which is equivalent to Rp 234.72 million-Rp 3.75 billion per month. Atta has uploaded up to 1,296 videos.

The total audience of Atta Halilintar’s YouTube channel so far is 3.3 billion. The number of subscribers he has is the highest, which is 27.6 million.

5. Ric Ricci

Ria Ricis is the only female YouTuber from Indonesia who is the richest. His income reached approximately US$ 18,000-US$ 288,500 or approximately Rp 259.20 million-Rp 4.15 billion.

Ria Ricis has uploaded 1,355 videos and the total viewer has reached 3.7 billion. The Ricis Official account also has 25.5 million subscribers.

That’s the line Indonesian YouTubers with the highest income. Want to be a YouTuber too?

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