5 Hendra Kurniawan’s rebuttals as he accuses Ismail of lying


Former police personnel from Samarinda, East Kalimantan (Kaltim), Ismail Bolong, became public opinion due to his video confession that he deposited money from illegal coal mining at the Criminal Investigation Unit of the Indonesian National Police, Komjen Agus Andrianto. The former member of the Samarinda Police Security Intelligence Unit (Sat Intelkam) later clarified his confession with a new confession.

Finally, Ismail Bolong admitted that he was coerced by the former Karo Paminal Div Propam Polri Hendra Kurniawan for making statements involving Kabareskrim and apologizing to Kabareskrim. So how did Hendra respond to Ismail Bolong’s latest confession?

“Ismail Bolong is lying,” Hendra’s attorney Henry Yosodiningrat told South Jakarta District Court on Thursday (11/10/2022).

Here are 5 of Hendra Kurniawan’s objections to Ismail Bolong’s confession:

1. Indicates Ismail as drunk

Henry said Ismail made a confession as someone who was under the influence of alcohol, aka drunk.

“His statement was like a drunk story,” Henry said.

2. Hendra doesn’t know Ismail

Henry also said his client admitted that he didn’t know Ismail Bolong. Henry said his client also denied forcing Ismail Bolong to make a confession involving Komjen Agus.

“Hendra Kurniawan has never met Ismail Bolong and never pressured him or forced him to do anything like that,” he said.

3. Ismail Bolong’s first video claim to information from other parties

Henry Yoso explained, based on his client’s statement, that the first video testimony of Ismail Bolong circulating was a confirmation of statements by other parties that were being investigated by the National Police’s Propam Division Civil Service Bureau regarding coal. . So, Henry argues, it’s not just Ismail Bolong who makes a video testimonial.

“And it wasn’t just Ismail Bolong who recorded the testimony, but all related issues were examined in order to reinforce one claim with another. So it’s not just Ismail Bolong,” Henry added.

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