5 health benefits of breakfast, the most important of which is blood sugar regulation

Breakfast is considered one of the most important meals during the day due to its health benefits, it should not be ignored, and there are people who hate or ignore this important meal for several reasons, but you must stick to eating it regularly for a week and you will notice the difference, according to Insider.insider“.

Nutrition experts say that it is necessary to eat breakfast, as it is beneficial to the body, taking into account eating healthy and balanced foods, and it is assumed that breakfast is eaten before 11 am.

Nutritionists added that eating a breakfast rich in refined carbohydrates such as sugar-sweetened cereals makes us feel hungry shortly after eating them, so it is preferable to eat a balanced meal to help control appetite and hunger levels, so the breakfast should consist of protein, fiber and healthy fats.

There are healthy examples of breakfast that prefer to be a mixture of three elements, which are carbohydrates, vegetables and protein, such as eating a homemade loaf next to a boiled egg or white cheese and cucumber, or a cup of milk alongside half a cup of oats and a fruit.

The following are … the most important benefits of eating breakfast:

1- Breakfast increases production and achieves efficiency at work because it provides us with the energy necessary to accomplish tasks and avoid laziness.

2- According to research, breakfast reduces harmful cholesterol in the body.

3- Breakfast is useful for losing weight. Some people may feel hungry after eating breakfast, and this is normal, especially if you are not used to it. Feeling hungry increases the rate of burning in the body and this is useful in losing weight.

4- Studies have shown that breakfast is very beneficial for diabetics, as it helps regulate blood sugar levels.

5- Breakfast is very important for children and youth in the school stage, as it increases concentration and improves memory.


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