5 foods that trigger stomach acid to rise, you must avoid if you don’t want recurrent stomach acid

RINGTIMES BANYUWANGI – As people get older, everyone has their own health problems.

Not only attacking old age and the elderly, one of the common diseases starting from a young age is disease gastric acid that often ride.

Currently this disease relapse, usually the patient will be characterized by symptoms of a burning sensation and pain around the abdomen to the chest.

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It hurts when gastric acid relapse of course it can disrupt your various daily activities.

For that, sufferers gastric acid better avoid various types food which can trigger gastric acid relapse.

Reported ringtimesbanyuwangi.com from Healthline, here are 5 food which can trigger gastric acid relapse and must be avoided.

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  1. High fat foods

Foods with a high trans fat content can trigger gastric acid You relapse.



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