5 foods after which you do not drink tea.. will increase insomnia and lack of sleep

Drinking a cup of tea during the hours of the day is a habit of many peoples, especially the Egyptians, after eating any of the meals. It is rich in antibacterial, and sometimes helps in lowering cholesterol, but there are some foods that are not recommended tea At least two hours after eating it, because it may cause an increase in feelings of stress and anxiety, and the matter may lead to lack of sleep and continuous insomnia. The seventh day reviews it, according to the website bulletin, “india“.


One of the foods that it is forbidden to drink tea after eating it, because it interacts with the flour made from pastries, which causes problems in the digestive system, such as indigestion, constipation and acidity, which increases the feeling of anxiety and tension and is very bad for mental health.

Cup of tea

Fresh vegetables

Tea prevents the body from absorbing vitamins, especially iron found in leafy vegetables, as tea contains tannins and oxalates, which in turn absorb iron from vegetables and then from the body, and prevent the body from absorbing it, which increases sleepless hours and anxiety throughout the night.



A cup of tea with lemon is a natural recipe for anyone who suffers from a cold in any home. Despite this use, the tea works to prevent the body from absorbing the vitamins present in the lemon. Mixing them together eliminates the benefits of lemon in addition to the incidence of acidity, flatulence, and reflux. In addition to the constant feeling of not sleeping.

Foods seasoned with turmeric

Lots of ladies spice up Turmeric chickenAnd adding it to rice and some foods, if those foods are eaten and then a cup of tea is consumed, it may cause many chronic stomach problems later, and it results from its interaction with acid reflux, which works on many sleep problems and may stimulate nightmares, according to the report. medical published in Zee News.



Nuts contain more vitamins, omega-3s, and various nutrients. Having a cup of tea after eating nuts results in a compound called tannin, which works to absorb nutrients after eating it with nuts, which may show signs of aging in the long run, in addition to dark circles.

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