5 Facts on the Case of Isabella Guzman, a Teenager Who Could Have Stabbed Mother 151 Times

5 Facts on the Case of Isabella Guzman, a Teenager Who Could Have Stabbed Mother 151 Times


Mother never heard of cases Isabella Guzman? In 2013, the teenager from Colorado, USA was found guilty of murdering his biological mother. He had stabbed his mother after a disagreement.

Her case was highlighted because Isabella Guzman’s age was still very young at 18 years old, and the number of stabbing performed by her on her mother was enormous.

What are the facts behind the Isabella Guzman case? The following has been summarized from various sources, five facts about Isabella Guzman:

1. Threatening and spitting on the biological mother

Described by her stepfather, Ryan Hoy that before killing, Isabella Guzman had threatened her birth mother via the email ‘You will make it up!’, She also spat in the face of her biological mother after feeling annoyed that her mother had remarried.

Before killing on the same day, Isabella Guzman was also given advice by her stepfather to respect her parents and not become a dissident. The stepfather had previously called the police after his wife was threatened but it was too late.

2. Stabbed 151 times and hit mother with a baseball bat

Isabella Guzman stabbed her birth mother in the bathroom above her house. He stabbed 151 times and hit the biological mother with a baseball bat.

After killHoy, who at that time answered the phone call, saw his stepson standing in front of the bathroom door holding a knife.

“He didn’t say anything when he came out of the bathroom, he looked straight ahead when he walked past me,” said Hoy. Guardian.

Isabella Guzman/ Foto: YouTube-

3. Arrested and smiling at the trial

Isabella Guzman was found by police the next day in a nearby parking garage and arrested. He was scheduled to be formally charged at the Arapahoe court, but the judge was forced to postpone the court date until late afternoon because Isabella Guzman refused to leave his prison cell.

At the start of his trial, 9News reported that Isabella Guzman smiled and made a face in front of the courtroom camera. He is being held without ties and faces charges of first degree murder and two counts of violent crimes.

4. Was declared innocent and had mental disorders

Reported Daily Mail, in August 2013, Isabella Guzman was found not guilty. He was declared to have experienced mental disorders. He was eventually admitted to Pueblo Psychiatric Hospital, Colorado.

According to the attending doctor, the girl had schizophrenic paranoia, Bunda. The obvious signs include having a blank stare, talking to herself, and laughing to herself.

5. The news is back viral

In September 2020, Isabella Guzman went viral again and was reported by several media. Until now, there is no definite news about Isabella Guzman whether she has been discharged from the RSJ or not, Bunda. One thing that is unfortunate is the many fake accounts on social media in the name of Isabella Guzman.

In fact, the photo of her smiling in court after killing his mother has come back viral. In the video circulating on social media, there is no guilt on Isabella Guzman’s face.

Hopefully events like this don’t happen again, Mother.

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  1. Isabella Guzman is a female dummy. Stop making the article confusing by switching her pronouns to he/him in the middle of the article.

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