5 Facts about the Death of the DKI Regional Secretary, Positive COVID-19 to Message Haru Wife


The sad news came from the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government. The DKI Regional Secretary, Saefullah, passed away on Wednesday (16/9/2020). It was known that Saeful was positive COVID-19 virus before your last breath, Mother.

This sad news was confirmed by the Head of the Regional Civil Service Agency (BKD), Chaidir.

“Yes, he died. We are all grieving,” said Chaidir.

Furthermore, here are the facts related to the death of Saeful who was positive for COVID-19, reported by various sources.

1. Reportedly positive for COVID-19

Some time ago, Governor Anies Baswedan sent a chain message regarding Saefullah. Anies invited the whole family of the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government to pray for the recovery of the DKI Regional Secretary. In the message, Anies said that Saeful was positive for COVID-19 and that he should be given a cure immediately.

“I would like to invite all levels of the DKI Provincial Government to pray for the citizens of Jakarta who are currently being treated in hospitals, especially those exposed to COVID-19,” wrote Anies.

“More specifically, I invite all ranks and families to take time; really spend time with family to pray for our brothers, pray for the Secretary of the Regional Office, Mr. Saefullah who is currently in intensive care against COVID-19,” he continued.

2. Had been critical

Saefullah was treated at the Gatot Soebroto Army Hospital, Central Jakarta. While in treatment, reports circulated that his condition was critical. This news was confirmed by the Deputy Chairman of the DKI Jakarta DPRD, M Taufik.

“Just listen. Yes (the condition of the Regional Secretary is Critical),” said Taufik.

3. Have heart disease and stomach acid

Besides positive Corona, the late Saefullah was known to have a history of heart disease and acid reflux. This was conveyed by Deputy Governor of DKI Jakarta, Ahmad Riza Patria.

“Indeed, since a week ago, he was hospitalized for almost 10 days because he suffered from stomach acid and several other diseases,” said Riza.

The deceased was also known to have had heart problems.

“There is a problem with the heart, for several days using a ventilator. But earlier at 12.55 WIB Pak Saefullah was called by Allah SWT,” said Riza.

4. The ranks of the DKI Provincial Government until Ahok Grieves

The death of the late Saefullah left grief in the hearts of many parties, especially the ranks of the DKI Jakarta provincial government and those who had worked with Saefullah. One of them is the former Governor of DKI, Basuki Tjahaja Purnama (Ahok).

Ahok also mourned the death of DKI Regional Secretary Saefullah. One of the reasons that makes Ahok very sad is because he was the one who chose Saefullah to be the DKI Regional Secretary.

“I’m also sorry and I decided to choose him to be the regional secretary,” said Ahok.

In Ahok’s eyes, Saefullah is a person who is hardworking and fast. That reason is why Ahok appointed Saefullah to be Secretary.

5. Message from the deceased’s wife

Via Instagram, the Governor’s wife Anies Baswedan, Fery Farhati forwarded the message from Saefullah’s wife, Mrs. Hj. Rusmiati Saefullah. Apparently the Saefullah family asked not to send a wreath as a sign of mourning, because it was better if the funds were donated in the name of the deceased.

“Forwarding the message from Mrs. Hj. Rusmiati Saefullah, the wife of the deceased, the family advised that they DO NOT need to send bouquets to the funeral home. The family hopes that what was originally used for bouquets would be better used as alms and intended on behalf of the deceased. Thank you,” wrote Fery Farhati, reported by Instagram, Wednesday (16/8/2020).

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