5 Facts about ‘Florona’, Influenza-Corona Double Infection that Happened in Israel


Recently Israel reported the first case of ‘Flurona’ or ‘Florona’ that occurred in its country. This case is believed to be a dual infection of COVID-19 and influenza.

However, it turns out that Florona is not a new variant. Even so, doctors are studying it because Israel has seen a spike in influenza cases in recent weeks.

Although only one case has been identified, health officials in Israel say it is likely that many others have had the double infection. However, it may not have been properly diagnosed.

Quoted from Times of Israel, here are some facts you need to know about Florona:

1. Arti Florona

Florona or Flurona is a case of double infection with influenza and COVID-19. That is, a person is infected with both viruses at the same time.

2. Occurs in pregnant women

The first case of Florona was found in a pregnant woman who was not vaccinated. According to Beilinson Hospital in Petah Tikva, the woman is experiencing mild symptoms.

However, on Thursday the female patient was discharged from the hospital. He was confirmed to be in good condition.

3. Not the first case in the world

Some reports reveal that this marks the world’s first case of double infection. However, it turns out that reports of patients experiencing dual flu and COVID-19 infections had already appeared in the United States in 2020.

4. Florona’s case is fairly light

Doctors in Beilinson said the identified Florona case was relatively mild. Both diseases attack the respiratory tract.

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“The diseases are the same disease. They are viral and cause breathing difficulties because they both attack the upper respiratory tract,” said Arnon Vizhnitser, director of the hospital’s department of gynecology.

However, the Ministry of Health is still studying the case to see if the combination of the two viruses can cause a more severe illness.

5. Fear of triggering a ‘twindemic’

In recent weeks, flu cases in Israel have soared. Nearly 2,000 people have been hospitalized amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

This sparked fears of a ‘twindemic’ of the two diseases. The term ‘twindemic’ refers to concerns that large numbers of flu cases and COVID-19 cases could overwhelm hospitals, as not many individuals will be infected with both viruses at once.

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