5 Dirty Food Factory Findings, There Are Carcasses to Mouse Poop!


The findings of this dirty food factory make many people dumbfounded. There are many unhygienic things, such as processing food with bare hands, dirty machines, and rat droppings.

Food factory managers should strictly maintain hygiene because they produce something that will be consumed by many people. Even this practice related to hygiene should always be monitored by management and implemented by factory employees.

Unfortunately not all food factory managers pay attention to this. They let unhygienic practices go on for a long time until they are finally found by the relevant parties.

Discovery factory This dirty food is viral on social media. Netizens were shocked to see portraits of food processing in factories that were very dirty with the presence of cockroaches and rat factories.

Here are 5 dirty and dirty food factory findings:

1. Dirty noodle factory in India

Selebtwit Chirag Bartjaya shared a video of making Chinese-style noodles that allegedly existed in an Indian factory. The video shows the process of making noodles which is far from hygienic and suitable for consumption.

It can be seen that the noodle processing machine is rusty. Factory employees also make noodles with their bare hands, without gloves. They did not wear masks and hairnets to prevent possible contamination.

The noodles that are produced are then immediately put into plastic packaging to be sold to shops and noodle sellers. This dirty noodle factory video has successfully made netizens nauseous and traumatized. “Seeing the process of making noodles like this makes me traumatized myself. Even though the noodles were cooked by myself, it’s still possible that the noodles came from the same factory,” said a netizen.

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2. In the tea and coffee factory area there is a rat carcass

The next junk food factory was found in Penang, Malaysia. During the investigation, the Food Safety and Quality Division (BKKM) found a tea and coffee factory in Bukit Mertajam very dirty.

They saw a rat carcass left there for 3 days. What’s worse, the position of the rat carcass is in the tea and coffee products that are ready to be packaged. There was also a lot of rat droppings in the factory area.

Mohd Wazir, a health worker who visited there, said that he had received many reports from local residents about the dirtyness of this factory. They complained about the condition of the factory which was damaged and very dirty.

3. Factory employees stomp and lick the bread to be sold

A bakery allegedly in India disgusts netizens because of the production process that takes place there. Factory workers can be seen trampling the freshly baked bread instead of placing it in the pan.

Not only that, the bread that should be put directly into the plastic, was even licked first. Officer’s feet factory also fun to step on the pans full of bread. This dirty video of bread processing has gone viral among Malaysian netizens.

Responding to this, the Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs (KPDNHEP) Malaysia confirmed that the bakery seller was not in Malaysia, it seems he is in India. They also revealed that this video was first published on The Daily India News Facebook page.

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