5 descendants of players who have not been summoned to the Indonesian U-19 national team

BOLASPORT.COM – Technical Director PSSI, Indra Sjafri, acknowledging that there are still five descent players who have not been called up to Indonesian U-19 national team.

Even so, Indra Sjafri did not mention the names of these descendants who entered the radar Indonesian U-19 national team.

Indra Sjafri only doing work as requested by the General Chair PSSI, Mochamad Iriawan.

Mochamad Iriawan did ask Indra Sjafri to collect data on descendants of players who will later be submitted to the coach Indonesian U-19 national team, Shin Tae-yong.

The former Bali United coach admits that he already has data on 30 descent players who can strengthen Indonesian U-19 national team.

From this data, of course not all of them can defend themselves Indonesian U-19 national team due to various kinds of regulations in FIFA.

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“Regarding naturalized players like those circulating in the media, we hear all of it,” said Indra Sjafri to the media crew including BolaSport.com.

“Because Pak Ketum PSSI gave a direction that all players must be absorbed, be it information from the public or the media.”


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