5 Descendant Players Who Become Shin Tae-yong’s Mainstay in the 2023 Asian Cup Qualification, Number 1 Obedient Muslim: Okezone Bola

TIM Indonesian National Team will appear in the third round 2023 Asian Cup Qualification on June 8-14, 2022. Shin Tae-yong certainly calls the best players in the country to get the best results.

The Indonesian national team will also get additional strength from several descendants of players who are likely to be able to defend the Garuda Squad. The following are five descendants of Shin Tae-yong’s mainstay players in the 2023 Asian Cup Qualifiers.

5. Elkan Baggott

This list of course begins with Elkan Baggott who plays for League One club, Ipswich Town. As is known, Elkan has played for the Indonesian National Team (Timnas) in the official tournament, namely the 2020 AFF Cup.

Elkan’s contribution helped the Indonesian national team to reach the final of the AFF Cup 2020. Despite failing to win, the runner-up of the 2020 AFF Cup was not a bad achievement for Elkan and colleagues. For your information, the 2020 AFF Cup is Elkan’s first official tournament with the Indonesian national team.

4. Mees Hilgers

Mees Hilgers (Photo: Instagram / @meeshilgerss)

Mees Hilgers is a name that is widely rumored to be naturalizing soon. The Dutch-Indonesian centre-back is now playing at FC Twente in the 2021-2022 Dutch League.

Only 20 years old, but Mees Hilgers has often earned the trust of guarding the heart of Twente’s defence. He has played 17 times with one goal and one assist. Because it looks good, Mees Hilgers is also rumored to be the target of the Dutch giant club, Feyenoord.

Meanwhile, Mees Hilgers’ naturalization process is ongoing. If the naturalization process is complete, Mees Hilgers can become a mainstay at the heart of the U-23 Indonesian National Team’s defense.

3. Jordi Amat

Jordi Amat (Photo: Instagram/@jordiamat5)

Furthermore, there is the name of Jordi Amat who is a former foster child of Luis Milla in the Spanish U-21 national team. In addition to playing for Luis Milla, the 29-year-old centre-back was also coached by Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) coach Mauricio Pochettino at Espanyol in 2010-2012.

The Spanish passport player has Indonesian blood from his grandmother, who he admits, was born in Makassar, South Sulawesi. He once stated his intention to play for the Indonesian national team. For your information, Jordi is now playing for Belgian club Kas Eupen.

2. Sandy Walsh

Sandy Walsh (Foto: Instagram/@sandywalsh)

Sandy Walsh is one of the Indonesian bloody players who has a career in Europe. The Dutch-Indonesian bloody player is now playing for Belgian club KV Mechelen.

Even though he usually plays at right back, Sandy can also be a center back. In addition, he is also a right-back who diligently helps the attack. In the 2021-2022 season, Sandy has scored two goals and made five assists in the highest caste of the Belgian League.

1. Ragnar Oratmangoen

Ragnar Oratmatgoen (Photo: Instagram/@0ratmagoen)

Finally, there is the name Ragnar Oratmangoen. The 23-year-old right winger has Indonesian-Dutch blood. The player also has Indonesian blood from his father who is of Maluku descent.

Ragnar Oratmangoen currently strengthens the Go Ahead Eagles in the top caste of the Dutch League. In the 2021-2022 season, he has played 22 times with two assists.

For your information, Ragnar Oratmangoen is Muslim. As a Muslim, he is quite obedient in carrying out his religious orders.

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