5 Common Myths About Sex After 50 That Can Ruin Your Life Now | 72.ru

Sexologist Anna Moroz says that erectile dysfunction (impotence, in everyday language) occurs as a result of organic disorders (diabetes mellitus, vascular diseases, hormonal problems, physical trauma), neurological disorders and taking certain medications. The rest of the reasons are in my head, including the myth that at a certain age “she will not stand”.

– Here you have to look not at the number in your passport, but at your way of life, way of thinking, food, movement. Learn to look for the meanings of your own life, develop and live a full, eventful life. If life is hopeless and boring, depression begins, but with depression there will definitely be a decrease in libido, the expert explains and adds that age in itself is not the cause of erectile dysfunction. There is a natural drop in hormone levels and sex changes. A man may need more affection, but sex does not become less pleasant from this.

– With age, men have a decrease in testosterone levels, which affects both appearance and the level of sex drive, but men have another feature – they are more easily aroused. The erection process in men is rarely influenced by external factors, so an attractive sexy woman is able to arouse a man regardless of age, – believes psychologist, sexologist and intimate gymnastics coach Marina Protopopova.

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