5 Coins That Are Now Of Fantastic Value, Are You Interested In Collecting?


Owner coins no need to be discouraged. Even though it is no longer valid in the market, coins have a high value when the time has come.

Coins made of metal looked like junk. But make no mistake, coins are believed to hold a high value with age.

The older the coin, the more expensive its value because it is rare. Don’t be fooled by its old-fashioned appearance, Mother.

This makes old money collectors increasingly mushrooming. In the hands of the right people, money old school coins can be exchanged for fantastic value. If sold, the money can exceed its original value.

The value of old-school coins usually refers to the age of the money. There is some money that has been withdrawn from the market by Bank Indonesia for a very long time, so it is very rare. There are also those who value coins according to their condition. Coins with metal that have peeled off with those that are still good certainly have different values.

This investment is quite unique because it involves an object that is considered antique. But there’s nothing wrong with saving coins. Just for souvenirs to investment items, coins are very worthy of collection.

In some marketplaces, old school coins are sold at exorbitant values, you know. Here are 5 old school coins that currently reach hundreds of millions:

1. IDR 1000 denomination

Do you still remember the Rp1000 coin that has a silver border with a bronze in the middle?

This coin was issued in 1993 and has an image of a palm oil. Its large shape and made of two different metals make this money very iconic.

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The old Rp1000 coin with a picture of a palm oil has two different metal colors. The edges look silver, while the center circle has a copper or bronze color.

Palm oil coins have been withdrawn from Bank Indonesia. However, this money is widely sold in the marketplace with a fantastic nominal.

A number of seller selling palm oil coins at a price of around Rp. 45 million – Rp. 100 million, Mother. Interested in collecting it for investment?

In addition to the Rp1000 denomination, there are also 4 other coins on the following page.

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