5 Characteristics of Machiavellian, The Most Heartless Clever

Machiavellian is a person who is good at strategically manipulating. When they have a goal, they think about how to achieve it very skillfully, but are reluctant to consider the feelings of the other people involved.

These machiavellians will show cunning, the ability to manipulationand encouragement to use whatever means necessary to obtain power. Machiavellian nature is one of the traits that make up the Dark Triad, you know. “It is more important to be feared than to be loved,” that’s the motto of a machiavellian. Creepy!

So, in order to know more about Machiavellian, let’s look at the following five characteristics.

1. Only focused on their own ambitions and interests

Machiavellians do have a selfish nature. They have great ambition for power. Not infrequently they are reluctant to care about what other people feel because of their cunning plans. Well, a bit like a narcissist.

“They use people to their advantage. They can easily manipulate others to their advantage and don’t care about the consequences of doing so.” said Thomas G. Plante, professor of psychology at Stanford University.

2. Prioritize money and power over relationships

A machiavellian still knows love, but can’t apply it. What they should prioritize is money and power. If they are stuck in two choices such as having to choose friends or money, they will definitely choose money. But, do not directly choose money. The way they executed it would be very clever.

3. Exploiting and manipulating others to get ahead

Says a psychologist named Aimee Daramus, “In nature, you will see a lot of kindness, nurturing and kinship between animals, but if they want to survive, they still have to eat other animals unless they are herbivores.” That is it characteristics a machiavellian.

This kind of person will exploit you and use everything you can sacrifice for them. For example when your friend who is a machiavellian wants to be rank class, they will try to approach the rank first and take advantage of them all.

4. Often cheats

Yep, with the ingenuity of a machiavellian it will be easier to be a fraud. Various tactics they devise just to achieve what they want. For example, your friend who is a Machiavellian wants to have the highest test score. They will plan various ways, such as cheating in a pretty way. For example, by tucking the paper containing the answer in the pen, writing the answer on the desk, or even hiding the book in a drawer.

5. Often flatters

One of their ingenious ways to achieve their goals is to flatter you. This situation is relative, but when they need this method, they will use it. For example when they want to ask for your food, they will flatter you like “Wow, you’re fine, can I ask for the food“day “This generous class ranker doesn’t want to share the answer”.

Well, those are the five main characteristics of a machiavellian. Do you have it?

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