5 Characteristics of Colon Cancer that Need to be Watched and Prevented

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Colon cancer is one type of cancer the most common in Indonesia and the world.

However, the characteristics of bowel cancer that are not detected make cancer that attacks digestive system This is often not realized by the sufferer and is only known when it has entered the final stage.

Whereas the characteristics of colon cancer can actually be detected early through some changes that occur during bowel movements (BAB).

One of the steps to find out if there is cancer in the colon is to pay attention to the pattern of bowel movements with unusual characteristics.

Bowel Cancer Characteristics

Illustration. Common features of colon cancer (iStockphoto/Raycat)

The following are the most common to severe characteristics of bowel cancer.

1. Constipation

If your bowel movements are relatively smooth every day, the stools are soft, not bloody, then this is normal.

But on the other hand, if you feel constipated or constipated until the stool changes shape and bleeds, this condition should be wary of because it can indicate colon cancer.

Especially if you do not defecate for more than 4-5 days until you have to use laxatives, immediately consult a doctor.

2. Frequent diarrhea

Frequent diarrhea in the near future and even very liquid stools accompanied by excessive discomfort at the top of the navel also need to be watched out for.

Because when you often have diarrhea, it means that there is a tumor growth in the intestine so that it narrows and the stool turns into small pieces.

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Generally, this diarrhea is accompanied by an excruciating feeling of heartburn, feeling tired, and having gas in the stomach.


The next characteristic of colon cancer is bloody stools. The condition of bloody stools is often confused with the symptoms of hemorrhoids because they both bleed in the stool.

Collect Cancer.orgIf the bowel movements are accompanied by bright red or dark red fluid, it could be bleeding from the intestines. This condition over time can cause a low red blood cell count or anemia.

In addition, the discharge of blood can indeed be separated from the feces or mixed with feces, so it is important to pay attention to the feces.

4. Changes in the shape of feces

You need to know that the form of feces is quite diverse. Normal stool has an oval size.

The form of stool that is an indicator of colon cancer is watery, liquid, small, or flat and not oval.

Doctor Benny added that if the stool was bloody, immediately see the color and shape. If it’s good, the blood is likely hemorrhoids, but if it’s colon cancer, the blood is mixed.

5. Drastic weight loss

Early-stage bowel cancer has an effect on drastic weight loss even if you are not on a diet.

If you experience unexplained weight loss, decreased appetite, nausea, vomiting, yellowing of the eyes, immediately consult a doctor for follow-up.

Some of these characteristics are almost similar to the disease in general. But the hallmark of colon cancer is that the symptoms do not improve and even worsen health.

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How to Prevent Colon Cancer

Close-up of a woman's hand holding a cup of hot water, vintage tone.Illustration. How to prevent colon cancer (iStockphoto/kenzaza)

Previously, professor and consultant internist-gastro entero hematologist Lesmana from MRCCC Siloam said that if colon cancer is treated too late, there is a risk of complications.

Complications include gastrointestinal bleeding, intestinal obstruction, and even the spread of cancer to other parts of the body.

Before it’s too late to get worse, here’s how to prevent colon cancer that you can do.

  • Consumption of foods high in vitamins, fiber, minerals, such as green vegetables, fruits, and meet the needs of body fluids.
  • Avoid alcohol and smoking habits.
  • Do not arbitrarily take drugs except on a doctor’s recommendation.
  • Implement a healthy and active lifestyle by regularly moving.

Those are some of the characteristics of colon cancer that you need to be aware of and prevent it from avoiding this chronic disease.


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