5 Capability of the James Webb Telescope Launched by NASA into Space, More Powerful than the Hubble Telescope

JOURNAL OF GARUT – On December 25, 2021, telescope James Webb owned by the United States Space Agency (NASA) launched to outer space. The telescope is said to have seven times the advantage of its predecessor.

Launching telescope James Webb done in France. Her job at outer space has a number of missions. One of them is to look for the existence of planets that may have life.

A monumental project to seek life in outer space this is a collaboration between NASAEuropean Space Agency, dan Canadian Space Agency.

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On July 12, 2022, NASA will soon release photos taken from telescope James Webb from outer space.

What are the privileges of telescope James Webb this? Check out the review reported by the Garut Journal from the NASI Youtube channel.

1. Bigger Size

Telescope James Webb is the observatory that was launched for the umpteenth time outer space.

This telescope has the advantage of its predecessor telescope Hubble.

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