5 beverages to regulate blood sugar levels during Ramadan

Written by Mervat Rashad

Saturday, March 18, 2023 05:00 PM

You may have come across several lists of foods that can help you gain control sugar levels In the blood, but what about drinks? If you have diabetes, doctors may advise you to refrain from drinks that contain calories or sweeteners. However, as Ramadan approaches, it can become difficult to stay away from those refreshing drinks. Most of these ready-to-drink drinks are full of added sugar and unhealthy ingredients that can It can lead to a sudden rise in blood sugar levels. Therefore, to overcome thirst, it is necessary to choose suitable alternatives for diabetics, and here are some of these options.

Cooling drinks for diabetes

1. Water

Uncontrolled blood sugar levels lead to dehydration. Drinking enough water helps to get rid of excess glucose through urine and control blood sugar levels. Therefore, to maximize hydration, drink plenty of water as it will not affect your blood sugar levels.

2. Lemon juice without sugar

If you are diabetic, just combine a few simple ingredients minus sugar and enjoy. Lemon is also diabetic friendly.

3. Vegetable juice

Fruit juices can be loaded with a high amount of natural sugar, so go for vegetable juice. You can combine the vegetables of your choice and make your own mix. Avoid adding salt or sugar to the juice.

4. Coconut water

Coconut water is hydrating, refreshing and nutritious, it has a low glycemic index and less natural sugar content, coconut water also contains nutrients that help in controlling blood sugar levels, it can be concluded that diabetics can drink coconut water but They can consult an expert to understand the appropriate amount that can be safely added to their diet.

5. Curd

This wonderful drink can offer many health benefits, it is a great probiotic that promotes gut health, drinking curd can lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels, it is also an ideal drink for diabetics as it has a low glycemic index, low fat content and fewer calories .

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